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Stretch Spot/Stretch Therapy

Stretching is fundamental  towards good body mechanics,workout performance and everyday living. Sitting in a chair for most of the day without complaint, is not easy! Stretching can aid in the reduction of injuries. Like massage, stretching will help blood circulation and flexibility throughout the body, helping us to move around more easily and feeling a lot better about ourselves.

Stretch Therapy is performed on a massage table or on a gym mat, fully clothed. You can schedule a session for 15 or 30 minutes at a time.. Service is provided at  Training Fit Fitness. The best place for those tight spots. 1425 S 30 Avenue, Hollywood, FL 33020

For new clients, schedule a 15 minute session and you will receive an additional 15 minutes free of charge to be used at the same appointment. Max appointment length is 30 minutes, Schedule your appointment now. 

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